Palestinian headdress known as the kuffiyeh or hatta

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The traditional Palestinian headdress has become a symbol of support for the Palestinian people against the Israeli occupation. From political rallies to talk shows, supporters of the Palestinian cause wear this traditional scarf as a show of solidarity. The scarf itself is commonly known as the "kuffiya," but may also be called the "hatta" or the "yashmagh."

History of the Kuffiya

While traditionally a simple, practical piece of clothing the kuffiya became a symbol of Palestinian resistance to Israeli occupation during the 1960s.

What The Kuffiya Means Now

Is the Palestinian scarf now a symbol of terrorism, a statement against injustice, or a fashion statement? In recent years, celebrities and fashion designers have taken to using the kuffiya fabric on everything from hats to halter-tops. Those who want to show their support of the Palestinian cause continue to use it as a symbol, and find the recent fashion craze distasteful.

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